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I just wanted to post about this as sort of a reminder to myself. I got invited to after work drinks on Friday and went along, my heart was pounding on the way and my anxiety was in full force, but I used some breathing and defusion, and a couple of drinks, and didn't do too badly making conversation by my standards. I was in a pretty outgoing young sort of group, and never noticed anyone judging me negatively, as I falsely believe people judge me negatively constantly.I knew I had to do it just to make some small step.

I went out last night to a couple of clubs with my friend, and didn't do as well. Attractive girls I still avoid like the plague, which is retarded when you think about it. Plus I drank too much, that doesn't seem to help anymore. The worst thing about going out is seeing beautiful girls everywhere and my mindset has kept me out of the loop so to speaK. But overall, a better weekend than I have a lot of the time.

Oh I also ate lunch in the office on Friday instead of alone outside, and my head didn't explode. My mission today is to go to the movies by myself and not convince myself I'm a loser.
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