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I don't go to the mall much but today I did so I could do some shopping. When I first walked into the main area of the mall I felt self-concious. After that I pretty much felt confident.

There were these stands where people sell stuff you can't find in the other stores. I guess they travel from other states and countries. This guy caught our attention. He was selling this womens nail product-that buff and shine "Seacret" for nails. It was amazing. He did my mom's nails and they went from dull to shiny naturally--no chemicals. :spam No I'm not lol!

Anyhow, I was a little shy talking with him. He was kind of tall at least six feet and had an accent which I liked-Israeli or something, he said he was from Israel. Attractive but he was shy. But I opened up some and smiled and normally I'd go off in a corner and let my mom do all the talking. Anyway he sold us the product cheaper than what it was supposed to be which was ridiculous anyway.

We all started guessing each others ages. he thought I was 24 or 25. I thought he was 24-25 He said he was 28. He thought my mom was like 52...but she is 62.

It was fun. I almost wanted to go back up there and pass by just to see him...:b

My nails look better so maybe I'll stop biting them.

I had almost no anxiety the whole time at the mall which was almost four hours. :boogie

I got all the shirts I wanted and spent quite a bit. 8)
Well, that was my day!

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haha I know exactly what you are talking about Anxiety75! I got those nail things done too because I bite my nails. I always get the agressive sellers though.

Anyway I am glad you had a great time at the mall. I know during the summer it can get really crowded and nerve-wrecking.
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