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I hate social anxiety because communication is something so trivial.
something that should come naturally to people and it's so frustrating when it doesn't.
and from the outside it seems like it should be so easy to overcome.

I think that when people are unsure of who they are, they constantly worry about that other people think they are. If someone thought they were, for example, ignorant, they might start to believe they are and then they start to hold back fearing that everyone will think that of them.
(I think that's where my shyness turned into SA. I was trying to make a certain impression on people, but instead of messing up and saying something stupid, I thought it would be easier to just not say anything at all.)

(you don't have to read this part, I just felt like sharing :B )

I am confident with who I am without SA. Whereas other people always have people around them who influence their personality, likes/dislikes, etc. I spent most of my time alone, away from my friends, therefore my personality/likes/dislikes are more influenced by "me". If that made any sense.
I know that if I just stop worrying so much about making a certain impression, and acted more like myself. I would lose the friends who I feel anxious/self-conscious around, and gain friends who I could talk to. I need to stop staying in the background and be more involved in the life around me.
I don't mind being shy/kind of awkward, but definitely not to this extent. Instead of sitting here while it gets worse, I'm going to make some changes.

I suck at grammar, sorry!
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