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Well, that explains why...

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I'm a libertarian. With my name it was my destiny:

The boy's name Karl \k(a)-rl\ is pronounced karl. It is of Old German origin, and its meaning is "free man".
You know you're bored when you're looking up the meaning of your name at night. Anybody else want to tell us what their name means. Actually, many of you won't even tell us your first name.
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its a good thing you were born in a free country :)
nope. i have a rare names that ive used on this forum before. i removed it because when i googled it, this forum showed up
Quite right of course. My apologies and I've taken care of it.
:lol whatever happend to that smiley thats bonking another smiley over the head with a rubber hammer
1 - 4 of 62 Posts
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