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Hi everyone.
First of all, i'm pretty sure that i share similar discomfort situations in my daily life as most of you guys, so i guess i'm at the right place for this topic.
Overall i'm really shy and introverted. I seem to talk only to those who i like and who seem to send pleasant vibrations to me.
The only way i'm able to express my self is by really being myself as i am, and i'm not sure if that's a curse or a blessing. I've tried to please those around me, but it ended up being a disaster.
Some people like me for my unique way of doing things, some really hate me, because i differ in so many ways. I'm here to focus on the ones that i don't get along with, i want to share my stories & experiences and i hope that my ideas & suggestions will bring more peace & joy in at least some of these pained lifes. I've checked some of the latest topics, and i know that there's much on my mind that fits in with the theme, many of those situations i have been my self, also i already learned some really useful things from those fellow members.

I hope that we will get along, i'm looking forward to getting to know you guys better.
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