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Browns over Texans (poor, poor Texans)

Bengals over Packers

Cowboys over Cardinals

Lions over Bears (or whoever scores the field goal)

Raiders over Titans (this one's a bit of a head scratcher)

Jags over Rams

Panthers over Vikings

Chargers over Chiefs (another head scratcher that should have some fireworks)

Dolphins over Saints

Bucs over 49ers (poor niners can't catch a break)

Broncos over Eagles (I think the Broncos are now the team to beat in the league)

Patriots over Bills (not too confident in this pick)

And in Sunday's game of the day:
the suddenly impressive New York Football Giants over the Redskins

And forget the tricks because MNF will be the treat with some real physical football:
Steelers over Ravens

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Hou over Cle
Cin over GB (hopefully)
Det over Chi
Oak over Ten
Jax over StL
Car over Min
SD over KC
NO over Mia
TB over SF
Phi over Den (homer pick)
NE over Buf
Was over NYG
Pit over Bal

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i suck at this so i am going to go with the exact opposite of what i really think....

1. Arizona
2. Detroit
3. Texans
4. Green Bay
5. Jacksonville
6. Vikings
7. Titans
8. Redskins
9. Cheifs
10. New Orleans
11. Broncos
12. 49ers
13. Patriots
14. Steelers - even though i think the steelers will win i cant not pick my team

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Dallas over Ariz.
Cleveland over Houston (I'm rooting for Houston to have that perfect season... don't let me down guys, you are doing great so far).

Jax over STL
Carolina over Minn.
NYG over Washington
Chicago over Detroit
Cincy over GB
Oakland over Tenn.
Miami over New Orleans
San Diego over KC (probably the toughest pick this week)
Denver over Philly (putting my head in the noose on this one)
TB over SF
New England over Buffalo
Pitt over Baltimore (quoth the Raven... 'nevermore')

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Cleveland over Houston
Cincy over Green Bay
Detroit over Chicago
Ten over Oakland
Jacksonville over St Louis
Minnesota over Carolina
Kansas City over San Diego
Miami over New Orleans
Tampa over San Fran
Philly over Denver
New England over Buffalo
Washington over NY Giants
Pitts over Baltimore
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