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Your english is great, you seriously could have fooled me if you said it was your native language =).

I think every person is a little self-centered, I don't think anyone on this planet has never cared about themselves, even for a minute, it's human nature. I definitely agree that sometimes the best way to deal with a problem your facing is to stop thinking about it and stop overanalysing it. I think it is also a great feeling to help another person in need of cheering up. Even taking the time to just listen and lend an ear to someone leaves you satisfied and it helps the other person as well because sometimes it just helps to share or to talk to someone about the problems you have come across.

I agree that if we were a little less self-centered we could stop focusing on all the little details that are bothering us and would help us to see the bigger picture, that we're aren't alone, that other people are going/have gone through the same thing. I admit that I am also self-centered in that I sometimes crave approval and confirmation even to unnecessary levels.
1 - 1 of 24 Posts
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