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Controlling shaky voice - and support group suggestion.

yes this happens to me very much, especially when the teacher makes me read in front the class!! i hate it and it is definitely even more embarrasing when other people can see that you are nervous... i try to just keep the thought in my head that no one knows I am nervous, its all in my mind...and try to focus on the message I want to get across rather than my surroundings.... try to block em out. ( i know easier said than done) I actually found this public speaking class which i started to attend..its about $400 for 12 classes - -pretty price but i think it is worth it... it is taught by this guy Charles Di Cagno.... He makes u feel really comfortable and I was actually able to get up in front the class a few times... He works with u in small steps. at first he would make u answer some questions from ur seat, the next session he would make u stand up by ur seat and the next he would as u to go in front of the class - -it is all by choice though.. you dont have to do anything unless u are absolutely ready.... the website is it's in ny. . best of luck :yes
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