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:eek: this is my s*** yo


FF8 best FF or fight me IRL


Nier Automata ending theme, maybe a real spoiler, you decide, the video is just a still image.


MGS2 is better then 1 and 4 or fight me IRL


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I LOVE video game music. Would rather listen to video game music then county/rock/pop/etc. Was recently listening to the Donkey Kong Country soundtrack
Yes! DKC was the first game that popped into mind when thinking of great video game soundtracks for me.

Aquatic Ambience and Stickerbrush Symphony are some of my favorites.

I really like a lot of Super Mario Galaxy's soundtrack too, along with a couple of Pokemon, Sonic, Kirby, etc. ones.

I think this was the last video game music related thing I was listening to.

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Post your faves

I'll start with 'The Voyage' from Europa Universalis 4
From Kingdom Hearts i like several, first is Dearly Beloved (specially the KH II amd birth by sleep versions)

then is Darkness of the Unknown and Fight to the Death, both played during the final battle with the master of the inbetween Xemnas himself...

Vector to the Heavens (Xions Theme:crying:)

then there are
the 13th struggle

the 13th reflection

The 13th Dilemma

then from the Hyerdimension Neptunia Series there is
mousou katharsis

Go love and peace

and Neptune Saga****e
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