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Hi everybody. I have just joined this forum after reading some postings of people who feel like me. I was relieved to find that some people think the same as I do. I hope that maybe I can make a couple of friends thanks to this forum. I have one of the most difficult situations a human being can face, since I am going through a gender change. This was NOT a choice, I was born this way and I am just trying to live a normal life. Of course, I face practical difficulties. For me, even going to the grocery store can be a nightmare: I might face harassment and ridicule, even in a city as liberal as LA. I work very hard to look normal and blend in, sometimes I succeed, sometimes I fail.

That being said, I have noticed that people in general have no respect for your pains. It bugs me to no end to hear phrases like "self pity". What the hell? What is self pity? How could you possibly think positive when people are trying to make you feel like a monster? Someone who has a cancer or an extremely difficult situation has every right in the world to feel pain and be unhappy. The truth is that people in general couldn't care less about your problems. So, it's easier to say that it's your fault if you're unhappy or if you have a disease and not to be empathetic. It's much easier to victimize the victim and to say that it's her fault if she's unhappy.

One of the things I have learned is that you have to pretend to be happy. Being unhappy is a crime, no matter what your situation is. You have to pretend everything is fabulous, otherwise you'll be labeled as negative.

Any thought will be appreciated.
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