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Tired of being victimized
Sick of hearing all the lies
The deceptions inside my head
They're good at tellin' lies

I don't wanna be a victim
Someone get me the keys to these shackles
Because I'm in the ocean
With a weight around my leg

Once in a while the eye of the storm will pass
But then its black waves and thunder just as fast
I wanna be on dry land where everyone else seems to be

So sick of being victimized
I think I'll try to swim again
Paddle in the storm Much like the many times before
I know that treading in the water has kept alive
But it has ever gotten me to shore

I think since swimming doesn't work,
And I can't bring myself to drown,
I'll find the key to my shackles if i only look around.

I know its here somewhere, cuz I've had them off before

Hee hee... i know it doesn't rhyme... but just how i'm feeling at the current moment. Totally "impromptu" ;)
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