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Does anyone else feel so unsure about themselves? I went to one counseling appointment and she told me that I am unsure of myself. She is right. I feel like I am doing the right things but how do I really know? I pray about it so should I just let Jesus guide me? < sorry if that offends anyone.

I feel like I had an " a ha " moment with soft skills. But you know it just feels like I am being so fake. :blank
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I always feel unsure of myself - I tend to question every decision I make, sometimes for days. I feel like I can't trust myself to make appropriate or "normal" choices, so I freak out if I can't ask someone else if they think what I'm doing is ok.

For me I think it's related to being a perfectionist, and always having to do things the absolute "best" way. It adds a ton of pressure to do things perfectly all the time, and in reality there is no best way to do anything, so it's an empty goal. You're not going to always do the best things, and the challenge lies in embracing that - let yourself make mistakes, have social anxiety, just screw up in general.

If you're thinking and being conscious of the world around you, then you're doing the best you can, which is as close to doing the "right" thing as anyone can get. Everyone has gaps in experience and knowledge, and you aren't any less capable that anyone else in making decisions, even though it might feel that way :)
Does anyone else feel so unsure about themselves?
Yes, that's one of the (many) banes of my existence.
i sure do. i doubt a lot of things in my life... my decisions, where my life is going, how i am as a person, how i treat others, etc.

i know it may seem like it's much better to be totally sure of everything about your life, in a way being unsure can be a positive trait as it means that you are trying to understand who you are and figuring out how to be a better person and how to bring happiness to yourself and the people around you. you just have to make sure it doesn't really eat you up inside and cause so much distress that it's always on your mind.
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