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Unknown roommate!

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The college i'm going to dosen't have student accommodation so it was quite hard finding a place to live. Eventually i was put into contact with a girl who was looking for a roommate, we couldn't find anyone else so we decided to get a place together. Shes coming down on Sunday and i'm freaking out now because we've never actually properly met and it will only be the two of us in the house so it's probably going to be really awkward. Is/was anybody else in the same situation before?

Also i feel like i have to to get this off my chest but ever since my parents left after dropping me off i've been feeling really depressed, my stomach hurts and i'm like getting panic attacks. I spent about five minutes crying earlier on and that just made me feel worse about myself, i don't know what to do i'm just feeling terrible at the minute.
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I too have been feeling really depressed since I went back to college a week ago. I think the best thing to do is to stay as busy as possible. If I sit around doing nothing I will starting thinking negative thoughts and get more and more depressed. If your campus has a gym you should go workout it is supposed to improve your mood. I feel a lot better after working out. Oh and good luck with your roommate.
Just be glad your roommate is of the opposite sex. In my school everyone had to room with the same sex. How boring.
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