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Unexpected Greetings

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Whenever someone says hi (or any other greeting), and I'm not expecting it, my response sounds all high pitched and little-girlish. Then of course, since I'm embarrased at how stupid I sound, I'm afraid to say anything else, which just makes the situation more awkward. Or if I'm in a social situation that is causing me anxiety, I'm focusing so hard on appearing calm, that I'll say the opposite of what I mean (for example: "hi" instead of "bye" or "you're welcome" instead of "thank you"). Does this happen to anyone else?
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When people speak to me unexpectedly, I'm frequently not even able to make out what they said, much less reply appropriately. So I either respond with "Um, what?" or make a guess that I then decide must have been wrong as soon as I start to mumble some sort of answer to it. And asking "What?" only to find out that all they said was something as simple as "How's it going?" feels extra embarrassing.
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