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Unexpected Greetings

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Whenever someone says hi (or any other greeting), and I'm not expecting it, my response sounds all high pitched and little-girlish. Then of course, since I'm embarrased at how stupid I sound, I'm afraid to say anything else, which just makes the situation more awkward. Or if I'm in a social situation that is causing me anxiety, I'm focusing so hard on appearing calm, that I'll say the opposite of what I mean (for example: "hi" instead of "bye" or "you're welcome" instead of "thank you"). Does this happen to anyone else?
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Yes all the time. It got better when I got a retail job that required for us to greet all the customers when they walked in... It just kind of became natural to respond with something since I had to do it hundreds of times a day.
Yet, I still get caught off guard at times and it comes out high-pitched. My family has pointed out I talk in a higher pitch when talking to someone I don't know very well. Embarrassing.:um
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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