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I think tics, twitches etc. of the face and head are fairly common with SAD. The reason I think is because that's where people you interact with are looking. If you had to teach surgery where everyone was watching your hands then hand tremors, shaking would come into play. Actually I guess it's not unheard of for some surgeons to develop the yips like some golfers and athletes and have to give up surgery but I digress.

The problem is the conscious mind is focused on something that should be left up to the subconscious mind. Take a golf swing for instance, you have to practice it consciously until you learn how to do it but then you must leave it up to the subconscious mind once it's learned otherwise if you focus consciously on the movement then it's like trying to relearn the golf swing all over again and the result is not going to be good. That's what happens with the yips which I think are quite similar to tics. But I think I've digressed a little again.

There's one psychological truth that is a factor and that is "that which you resist persists". Easier said than done but not trying to stop the tics should eventually help. Also even though part of the conscious mind is focused on these they are involuntary so anything that helps you to gain some voluntary control over the involuntary movements can help. Voluntarily trying to make them worse(Paradoxical Intention) or exercising the muscles involved to strengthen them may help. Drugs, beta blockers and benzos are helpful I guess. My tic was similar to being startled by a loud noise so what I did was use loud noises to help me gain more control over the startle response and that's what helped me the most.

Cognitive therapy I think would focus on how bad the consequences of people noticing the tics or twitches really are. That's the underlying fear that drives them.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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