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Could be Benign Essential Tremor

I'm not a doctor, but it may be related to benign essential tremor. There is The Benign Essential Tremor Foundation that has information. But see a neurologist. They can diagnose you. If it's a tremor, it can be in your hands or your head or travel back-and-forth. I'm not sure about tics, but as I said, may be related. Katherine Hepburn had it. It's mostly in the older population, but there are about 10 mil who have it and some have it so badly that they can't function well in public. Beta Blockers don't always help. In fact, they can just make you dopey and the symptoms could still be there. There is some kind of brain stimulation and I've heard of Botox injections in the back of the neck, but that can be pricey and sounds a little scary. But maybe worth it? Good luck. It's really much more frustrating and even more debilitating than people think. Also, it usually progresses as you age. I keep telling people they should donate to the Essential Tremor Fund to help find a cure! If so many people have it, that's a lot of people who could help find a cure if they donated something!
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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