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I started reading feeling good -the mood therapy.
I am facing a lon term depression and i know i am doing wrong still i couldnt come out of it.
I was born in a complicated peaceless family.
My father married another women afer my mother and he is a great drunkard.
i dont have a happy child hood i can still remember most of all my childhood days the entire family have to find the hiding place at night
coz my father will come full drunk and beat my mom.
Days passed and i was grown up in the middle of wilderness.
Every single day my depression level also increased i completed my degree and got job.
During job search struggle my father almost killed me with words everyday he ll call me in phone and hurt as much as possible.In india still dowry system exists when my family is looking for marriage proposal suddenly he called me n told
i dont want to do much for u i have another son and daughter(thru my step mother).
i dnt expect him to do for me but i had only one question who am i?

I got good job and settled down still no peace.
My father will call me only on first day of month to get my salary. I didnt give him full salary only part of it i gave.
so his anger raised.
Now i got married (arranged by my parents)and have good husband and family.
After two years(after marriage i went with my husband to abroad) i returned to india and
my father shattered me into pieces u r a selfish ***** u didnt give me salary and used almost every bad word and
am thrown out of my home with my year old son in the night and my in laws came and took me to their home.

The book says i should justify to every negative thinking
but am clueless coz my mind is not accepting anything.
The only thing am getting is pain and broken. I really want to come out of this and live happy.
Can anybody help me by sharing how u will face this kind of situation
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