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True or False

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Soooo, let's try a new game.

I'll say something like "The person below me ______" and you have you say whether it's true or false, then come up with one of your own for the next person to answer, and on and on and on. This will probably suck, but hey. :lol

The person below me eats breakfast every day.
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NP needs to do some serious spring cleaning.

Next person is putting off getting an oil change.
True. How'd ya know?

NP has annoying neighbors.
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NP has a microwave oven collection

NP goes to the grocery store more than once a week.

NP can play the drums
I wish I had one but nope. 😂

NP loves to go hiking.

NP thinks of themselves as a creative person

NP collects weird things.

NP takes at least one prescription medication.

NP either has or wants to have a pet chicken.
Ha, nope. I live in the lowest-lying region of England. Parts of where I live are below sea level. It looks like the painting in my avatar.

NP likes to do weightlifting
Yes, but I don't do it nearly enough.

NP hates shoveling snow.
I don't exactly hate it but I hate it.

NP has considered having a pet mouse and naming it Gerald.
Nope. But I had a hamster named Artemis once.

NP loves spicy food.
I wouldn't say I love it, but I do eat it from time to time.

NP has noisy neighbors.
They're pretty quiet.

NP has a flatulence problem.
14541 - 14560 of 14578 Posts