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True or False

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Soooo, let's try a new game.

I'll say something like "The person below me ______" and you have you say whether it's true or false, then come up with one of your own for the next person to answer, and on and on and on. This will probably suck, but hey. :lol

The person below me eats breakfast every day.
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NP has a favorite table at a restaurant?

NP always rides the electric scooter at the grocery store even though they are not handicapped.

NP has loyalty to a certain brand name.

Next poster knows advanced friend-making techniques.
Probably true - but I will still isolate myself. Making friends is not that easy because it's complicated but I can talk to pretty much anyone.

NP is in a relationship.
Don’t love it but don’t hate it either…just meh.

NP orders from Amazon frequently.
I like cats but currently do not have one.

NP always drives over the speed limit.
14501 - 14520 of 14578 Posts