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True or False

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Soooo, let's try a new game.

I'll say something like "The person below me ______" and you have you say whether it's true or false, then come up with one of your own for the next person to answer, and on and on and on. This will probably suck, but hey. :lol

The person below me eats breakfast every day.
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True - but there was only my ex-gf and a couple of others there. It was embarassing.

NP likes Mexican food.
True - Am bald

NP is wearing headphones
Internally, yes. Externally, no.

NP has a giant tattoo.

NP enjoys raking leaves
Not as much as I used to but generally true

NP can juggle five apricots
Well, it probably wouldn't be a good idea for me to try. I could probably do it thogh.

NP needs onions

NP has laundry waiting to go from the washer to the dryer?
Not now but I will soon

NP lives in a cold climate

NP has an unhealthy obsession with something
Yes unfortunately.

NP has an annoying neighbor.
Thankfully no.

NP has a weird ritual they do every day.
14481 - 14500 of 14578 Posts