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There are also A LOT of single parents on those dating sites almost too many. Makes me wonder what did they do wrong the first time around?...

Lots of them have very young children also like the kid is only 2-3 years old...and I think wow, you are separated already.

Ok so honestly...part of me feels like why would I like somebody else's kids....if I don't even have my own....

I mean I don't even like my own family with all of their alcoholism and such...why would I want to meet somebody else's family.
Yeah, recently I got a message from a single dad. He's cute but ...... I just don't see myself being able to deal with someone else's kid. I don't have a high tolerance. I had enough troubles with just tolerating my exes when they would wake up early in the morning and play obnoxious music.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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