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Last night me, my sister and our friend Trevor hung out with this girl. He likes this girl and apparently she had said she likes him. It was a little awkward. We were eating out together and there were pauses and silences. We're not used to hanging out with each other. Trevor wasn't necessarily acting normal, either. He did take about 10 ephedrine pills and was drinking a bunch, which is just a great idea when you want to make a good impression on a girl. As the night went on he became kind of belligerent. Towards the end, when we were sitting at the bar, he just chucked a full beer into the garbage and the bartender (this girl's best friend) thought he had punched a wall and said he might have to leave. He was peaking around the corner listening the whole time. It was embarassing. Anyway, I was pretty chatty with this girl for a good deal of the night. She spent time in the same town in California as I did, for one. I thought that was pretty cool. I mentioned at some point that I was socially awkward and she said that I maintained conversation pretty well.

As the night went on she seemed more touchy than I am used to with girls, touching or slightly rubbing my back when it didn't seem very necessary. She also made curious eye contact and facial expressions, not to mention kept sitting next to me when my sister and/or Trevor disappeared, which happened a lot. I'm not sure if she was just trying to be friendly because we never hang out. I wasn't necessarily open to all of this, if it was any kind of flirting, because, one, Trevor was right there half of the time and, two, I thought half the purpose of this whole get together was to hook them up. I even tried to leave them alone at some point. I don't know what happened. When we went back to my sister's place and she was hugging everyone goodbye, she lightly kissed my cheek. Trevor was basically on the floor and belligerently drunk. He said "you smell so nice" in a drunken manner. I know she is not the party hard type of person. She lightly sips wine and just hangs out. She comes across as calm, easygoing, intelligent, receptive and warm and I feel the way my friend was acting seemed like it would be a turn off. I had never really had a long conversation with this girl before this, but I'm wondering if she kind of likes me. I am 5 years younger than her (26 and 31), so that's one reason I would doubt it. Plus, I am a little bit different than the crowd she is in. Plus, I'm pretty different in her as far as careers go (me = almost none, her = pretty well off), sociability, personal style (I'm more laid back, indifferent while she is well crafted and kind of artsy). I just wouldn't think a girl like this would be into me. I know girls like me, but if she is into me, even if she just wants to hook up, I think it would be really odd. I'm not good at interpreting women. She invited me to this party on Saturday, though, and I don't know if she invited Trevor or even my sister. I told her about my sister's band playing tonight and she doesn't know what she's doing. The thing is I was going to invite another girl and I wouldn't know what to do with both of them there. I'm not sure what to do now.

Sorry for the long post. And, yeah, I know I just made a post about how much is sucked not to have a girlfriend. Don't worry, I'll be back to being miserable in no time. I'm terrible at this stuff and it usually never turns into anything.
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