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The Toronto Centre for Psychological Assessment, Treatment and Education is offering an Adolescent Social Anxiety Group Therapy course:

"Does the thought of a gathering with friends create more worry than excitement for you? If so, you may find this group helpful. The group is for adolescents who struggle with anxiety specific to social situations. It will help you understand the thoughts, feelings and behaviours related to your difficulty in social situations and teach you how to effectively cope with these situations without extreme or unbearable emotional and/or physical distress. In the group you will examine and challenge your worry thoughts, learn how to problem-solve and learn ways to relax in before and during social situations. You will also have the opportunity to practice the skills you learn through gradual exposure to social situations that cause anxiety for you."

Tuesdays - starting September 18, 2012.
Group time will be confirmed when we receive feedback from participants in an attempt to accommodate everyone, but it will be held after school in the early evening)

12 Sessions with the
opportunity for monthly follow-up sessions.

Opens: April 1, 2012- space is limited.

For more information or to register contact:
Dr. Monique Costa El-Hage at:
[email protected]
or 416-516-7757
951 Wilson Avenue, Ste. 9, Toronto, ON
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