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Harmful Medications

side effects from buspar, effexor and mirapex that are seemingly permanent so far. she said "thats impossible for them to have permanent side effects". then i told her i may be trying amisulpride (from europe) she said "you shouldnt do that, it could permanently mess up your brain, since it's not approved by the high and mighty Food and Drug Administration of America"
okay she didnt say "high and mighty", but i am so sick of people being fooled by this american exceptionalism BS. i am suffering everyday because of meds that were approved by the FDA
Psychiatrist/doctors are trained by big pharma companies through seminars hosted by other psychiatrist who are PAID by drug companies. The FDA has so many loopholes that its scary. A lot of the FDA members are compensated by drug companies; you can check it out on youtube where they announce the names of the FDA members who are paid by pharma companies and are essentially EXCLUDED from any wrong doing. WTF? CONFLICT OF INTEREST!!!!

FDA Members announced and EXCLUDED from wrong doing video.

Ween off the medication asap and live a drug-free life. :)
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