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Who will Win the Battle?

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Me Vs Anxiety.

Anxiety has whopped my *** too many times to count. And still to this day, this great opponent stands in my way.

I've always got the bitter end, and lost time and time again.

I say, I'm done. Fed up with this loosing streak. That, I Am ready to take on this fierce foe.
The anger, resent, bitterness, pain I feel...... While Anxiety wallows in victory.

...... The Anger. My greatest strength. The pain, is my passion for this battle. To seaze the crown. The championship.
To claim victory.

That's all i want.
I begin this training process, to defeat my foe.

Please, Wish Anxiety Luck.
It's gonna need all the strength it can muster. I'm coming for the crown.
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