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Hey everyone,

I'm in a real pickle, so naturally I have come here for advice :D
Right now i'm living in australia, I have a good stable job which pays good money by traditional standards, and of course would inevitably pay more as i 'climb the ladder' so to speak. Anyway, I may be offered a job in Africa soon (Libya actually, a country on the northern side of Africa) which pays basically double what I currently earn (a salary which would take me 5+ years to achieve here, and thats a big "IF"), including free acommodation + meals, plus a heap of other benefits. The roster is 6 weeks on/6 weeks off, so basically I will be living in Australia for 6 months of the year and Libya for the remainder. The work is pretty solid so there won't be much free time in Libya, although here in Aus i am free to do what i like. The work is also for an established oil company so needless to say the job itself is quite stable, i would assume so anyway.

So if you were in my situation what would you do? I don't have a girlfriend (obviously, im on this forum :um), only a few friends who i rarely see, so if i disappear for 6 weeks at a time I doubt i would ever see them again. Plus if I take this job there is a chance I may never be able to find work in Australia again (in my current field). Libya itself is quite safe, so no factors there really. Would it be worth ditching everything i have to chase this opportunity? I find myself being quite bitter these days, I have no interest in a long term relationship at all, so I think that this sort of thing could do me some good! Plus with this sort of money I could dramatically improve my current lifestyle. So the 2 choices are as follows:

1.) Stay here on current (modest but nothing extremely great) salary, maybe earn more in a few years (still less than if i leave), and hope that a nice girl will one day show up on my doorstep and declare her love. Get married and live happily ever after. :sus More likely scenario: will be 40, bald, still single and still poor. Women will still laugh at the sight of me.

2.) Pack my stuff and catch the next plane out, earn more than double my current pay (for starters, with increases after 2 years or so), live in Aus for 6 months of the year (all time off), be able to purchase a nice apartment on the beach plus a nice car to put in the garage, however remain single as no woman here would date a guy who is away for 6 weeks at a time. Plus im me, so naturally women hate me anyway.

Any advice appreciated, I still have plenty of time to think about it so no rushing. Thanks :)
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