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Hello Everybody.

Well I've come to realized that titles or diagnoses (sp?) can really be a joy or a dread in your life. One minute you are worrying about what is wrong with you and the next minute a specialist tells you "well *insert name here*, you have *insert diagnosis here* and at that moment you are filled with slight happiness realizing that you are not crazy and whatever you are going through has a name..but then comes the sadnesss and "oh dear" feeling. You begin to think oh dear i have *insert diagnosis here* and you start freaking out. You ask yourself now what I can do to get rid of it? Is it serious? Will meds help? Nobody can know this!!.

Diagnoses give you a temporary relief because you finally have a name to something but then sadness on realizing what are you gonna do about it. And in this day and age, everybody is bound to have some title or something attached to their name. This world is make up of titles or descriptive words that are attached to his/her name. Thats what seperates us from each other.

But the better question is y should u let these things define who you are? You have to show the world that you are better than those words attached to your name. "I have this and what??"

I believe I'm rambling and don't seem to have a point or maybe I can't see it cause I'm tired. Anywhoo..thanks to anybody who reads this and comments. And if you have anything to add, please do. :). Tootles.
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