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This summer I will be starting a lot of things that I am going to have trouble with due to my anxiety. By the end of the summer I really hope to be able to:

  • Keep my job
  • Attend my job without having a panic attack every f*cking time...
  • Attend Drivers Ed
  • Pass Drivers Ed
  • Start Driving with an instructor (this is going to be VERY hard for me...)
  • Get my license
  • Take a day trip to the beach
  • Go to parties with my friends
  • Go out to dinner with my friends
  • Go to the movies
  • Go hiking or for a walk in the park
  • Get a good therapist
  • Get on better medication

Its a VERY long list. Hopefully I can accomplish at least ONE thing.

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The individual things on your list look very doable. Just take it slow and you should be able to accomplish many, if not all, of them. Best of luck! Keep us updated.
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