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Ah, this is really complicated. The closest UK equivalent to Walmart is perhaps a large Tesco hypermarket, IMO. Like Walmart, Tesco is a huge retailer that has often been pretty unpopular here, too. As for Target, far more difficult to say. Argos is part of Sainsburys (it used to be a separate catalogue retailer with loads of stores almost everywhere, but many were shut, including my local Argos. Or moved into Sainsburys stores). Hard to explain what it is:

Perhaps a large Sainsburys supermarket with it's own big non-food section and an Argos, is nearest to Target? We do have TK Maxx (TJ Maxx in the US) which I quite liked before Covid forced nearly all my shopping online, but that's rather different. I've never particularly liked the atmosphere of shopping in a Tesco, haven't been to one for years, IIRC they had too many rather unpleasant warnings against shoplifting. Sainsburys is more upmarket, tends to be nicer.

The Argos catalogue is famous in Britain and incredible range, but the constant reminders that they offer credit on anything remotely expensive made it rather unpleasant reading (Argos is traditionally not particularly upmarket). Their stores were fine, I've also not been to one for years, never used a Sainsburys Argos.

EBay or Amazon?
6841 - 6860 of 6880 Posts