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This or That

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Pretty simple game. Choose between one of the options above and then add your own. I shall start.

Coke or Pepsi?
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Getting poked in the eye with a sharp stick or getting hit in the head with a shovel? :poke
Plain cheese

Little Ceasar's or Pizza Hut?


Well, define big!

Anything larger than Kate Upton's is too much. But flat chested girls don't really attract me. I'd say more medium-ish, similar to Emma Stone or Jennifer Laurence. I'm going to deep in this convo :/
I would define big as 38D or larger... :um
I currently live by mountains so I'll take the beach, baby.

Diesel or gasoline?
Aren't they basically the same thing? :stu

Reflux, I guess.

Mountains or prairie?
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