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This or That

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Pretty simple game. Choose between one of the options above and then add your own. I shall start.

Coke or Pepsi?
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Ultimately? Probably space. Both are cool.

Maps or directions?

Meowing dogs or barking cats?
Singing mice (as long as they sing about Syd's mouse, Gerald)

Roofing nails or drywall screws?

Mustard or musty?
Pumpkin pie

Salted fries or sugared fries?

Beets or sweet and sour popcorn?

Threshing or thrashing?
Threshing, I guess?

Mold or mildew?
I guess vodka. Never had gin. I hate vodka (and alcohol in general) though.

Milk-Bones or Pup-Peronies?
I've actually tasted a Milk-Bone (which was pretty nasty) so I guess that. I don't imagine the meat they use for dog treats is very good quality.

Wireless or wired?
I'm afraid I have no idea who either of them are. Do they sell that Rogan stuff to regrow your hair?

Dollar Tree or Dollar General?
Ummm.....too loose?

Biting into a York Peppermint Patty (BRRRRR!) or biting into a buttered baked potato?

Facts of Life or Different Strokes?
I have ceased to drink coffee and can't eat most of what either of them sell so neither I guess.

Spaniels or Retrievers?

Snakes or bears?

Car or truck/van/SUV?

Marshmallows or biscuits?
Bottled water

Obsession or apathy?
Broccoli by a nose

Mud hut or cinder block house?
I don't find either to be all that appealing but I guess laptop since it is literally a portable PC.

Riding in a small boat on choppy water for 16 hours or riding a Greyhound bus for 10 hours?
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