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I have to say i used to be shy as a kid but shyness haven't prevented to make some friends and enjoy life. I think that every human being has some shyness or else they wouldn't be human. What i have to say about social anxiety is that we jugde in our heads before some social situation, are we going to be boring, i am not going to enyoj that social conctact, i will not have nothing to say and etc. But i can give you one example, some friends that i have i am not afraid to have social conctact with them because i already know them , but if i had to go to a club ofcourse i am going to have some anxiety to have talk with someone or even become friends with someone i don't know. Guys this anxiety that you have is nothing, you just have to do your first step and the more you socialize the less anxiety you will have. When ever i feel bad i just think of those young people with cancer who still don't give up. I used to be 6 time in a hospital because of big deppression, been deppresed for 2 years. Medication i tried are, anafranil,celexa,paxil,clonazepam, lorazepam, zyprexa, trazadone. Medication that i am on now are:

serequel xr 600 mg at bedtime
lithium carbonate 300 mg at bedtime and 300 mg in the morning
cipralex/lexapro 20 mg in the morning
propanalol 40 mg in the morning but i can take more if need to

I just have to say that i am not schizofrenic or bipolar. From these medications i don't have any side effects and it takes 3 or more months to feel better and i am on these medications for a year, i am not feeling deppressed, no mood changes and social anxiety impoved by 90 % and those other 10 % is normal to have or i wouldn't be human.I found job and currently employed. I used to think there is no hope but i was wrong there is hope if you try hard, don't give up, some people here will say well it is easy to say don't give up, well wtf you want me to tell you give up lol, just kidding. Hope this helps someone.:)
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