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Hey I wasn't able to post in treatment but I wanted to be able to share my experience on day one of Latuda. An Atypical antipsychotic. Like I said tried to post there and wouldn't let me.

Now I know everyone is different but there have been many successful reviews with this drug. I had nothing to lose last night and was feeling suicidal and super supppperrrr down. I popped a sample of 20 mg last night and slept on it. I woke up at 1o clock in the pm. Long time to sleep....i know but I needed it after not sleeping for so long. This drug helped me sleep and woke up today with awesome results.

Socially better by a ten fold

Clarity in my thinking

Actual motivation to go to a frickin laundromat and get laundry done surrounded by people.

Actually made an effort to talk today and practice social skills

I was able to cook myself breafast and get dressed all with what felt like the natural me and my motivated self.

It was great. NOW

I still am skeptical because its the first day...
But I will try and keep you all posted.

I was hoping I could get privledges to post where this is suppose to go.

Maybe this post can be moved there.

Thanks everybody and do your best to crack open a can of positivism!
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