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Well, throughout most of this past school year I've simply been going 'eh....I dunno' when someone asks me if I have a crush on someone or what not. Anywho, that has definitely changed, and one girl in particular grew on me. At first it was like "Hey, spiffy, new person!" Later it was more like "Ahhh, she's a silly goose~" (that's a good thing in my book) Finally (namely three days ago) it really hit my mind like a thousand Metal Gears/Shagohods/Buses/Office Buildings/what have you.

The thought? "Wow...I really like her."

Of course I spent the next day and a half trying to see if she liked me back, re-living past events and times with her. After realizing that maybe she did, I decided to have her meet me to hang out and what not, as I was going to find out that day if it was reciprocal. (That day = yesterday...okay, maybe two days ago if you're counting the fact that it's a little past midnight that I'm typing this)

To make it short, I reached for her hand...she held onto it and cuddlarity ensued~

Hmmm...not sure how I got the guts to do that, but...I did. :banana
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