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I've had positive effects from taking Sertraline. It doesn't eliminate my anxiety, but it changes how I feel about it. I don't anticipate anxiety anymore because I expect it will happen regardless. This change of attitude makes me feel better about myself because I have more awareness of what I can control.

Generally I feel much better about myself on Sertraline. I'm sticking with it for some more months just to give it a chance.

As for symptoms, I take my meds at night. I sleep through all the symptoms. The only noticeable symptoms I had were ringing sounds in my ears for a day or two when starting dosing, or when increasing the amount. That is all. I have not gained or lost weight due to sertraline use.

It's inexpensive (about $15 for 3 months from Kmart without insurance). It's worth a try if you are interested. The side effects are relatively subtle compared to some other SRRIs.

Then again, if you don't think you need it, then don't take it. :)

Of course I used to have severe anticipatory anxiety which would make me sweat and I could not control it. Thanks to sertraline I do not dwell on this issue, and ultimately I dont sweat near as much. Combined with benzodiazepines, my sweating is almost eliminated.

Sooo yeah.. I've had a good experience with it, it's helped me to really investigate my thought patterns and make changes 1 at a time.

I don't plan to be on it forever, but I'm at least going to give it some more months, possibly 1 whole year before I consider getting off of it.
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