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Hey, considering I spend so much time wrapped up in self pity and loathing I find it is sometimes a good idea to take a step back and just appreciate how truly fortunate you are.

Things I am grateful that:
1. I have a family that loves me
2. I have few money worries
3. I always have enough food and a roof to sleep under
4. I am of ideal weight and suffer from no physical ailments (apart from my eyesight).
5. I am not unattractive physically
6. I am of above average intelligence
7. I have more than half a century left to live in the most productive and enlightened time in human history in one of the world's wealthiest nations

Maybe some of us a less well off than others, but I'm sure most have more to be happy about than they think. We spend so long contemplating our inadequancies compared to others that we forget how many good things have going for us.

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Great idea for a thread, we need to press for more positivity!

1. Loving family
2. Great friends
3. Amazing job
4. No loose ends
5. Health (apart from the obvious)

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1. caring family :)
2. food, bed, roof
3. a lot of material things
4. random people who care about me once in a random while
5. no diseases
6. i live in the united states

i would say this could be one of the worst generations, but we can also make it the best if we try....if it's possible to try =/ (sry for the negative comment)

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1. Family who is there for me
2. I live in the USA
3. Being able to go to school and educate myself
4. I'm not bad looking, but I don't think looks are everything as it can be a double-edged sword if your ignorant about it
5. I'm not handicapped in any way
6. I'm grateful for the differences of people and the variety they bring to the world and my life
7. I don't make much money but I'm grateful for what I have and that I live comfortably
8. I'm grateful for the people I know, including my friends
9. Grateful for radio shows, especially the ones I listen to :)
10. Grateful I live in an age that is neither too advanced nor primitive; that which provides me with the things that help me travel, be entertained, communicate, etc
11. I'm grateful for nature

The list could go on...

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yes i heard on NPR today that GRATITUDE is a huge trait of HAPPINESS.
(1) a home, a comfortable nice bedroom & a family who cares about my well-being
(2) a boyfrienddd the best boyfriend inthe world who is always there for me & is my diary
(3) i am grateful for the financial resources i have even though i am low-middle class
(4) i'm healthy
(5) grateful to be in here america

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i do this sometimes when i can't sleep - count my blessings.

- my family, more often than not they are such lovely humans
- large mugs for drinking tea - lots of it
- new oppurtunities
- friends that keep giving me another chance
- dental floss

and so on....

there really is a lot i'm thankful for. wonderful thread, i hope lots of people can put something in here.

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-loving family
-Roof over my head
-A decent job with a good wage
-I work with a lot of nice people
-The friends I do have
-Living in a country without a corrupt government.
-Apart from SA I'm healthy, have all my limbs, my eyesight etc
-Knowing I will wake up tomorrow and not have to worry about where my next meal is coming from.

I think about this stuff a lot when I am feeling depressed. Its hard to feel sorry for yourself when you realize there are a lot of people out there who have life much worse.

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I live in an age when medicine is highly advanced, and immortality is just around the corner.
I live in a free society, and have an easy lifestyle.
I have a government that gives me money every fortnight.
I have the career I desired.
I still have some sanity left inside of me.
Earth, space is just so unimaginably beautiful, I'm grateful I've lived to see this, ultimately.

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This is a good thread.

- I have all my basic needs fulfilled (food, shelter, warmth etc)
- Uni costs are relatively cheap
- freedom of choice, freedom of speech...
- for all the wonderful experiences I've had with my friends and family
- the rest of life to look forward to.
- the internet (what a double edged sword... but I'm still grateful for it :D)

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not being paralyzed
fun I've had before the sa downfall
tasty food when I can taste food
relative youth
things that are funny like That stuff is funny as are many other things which I will not list due to the constraints of not wanting to.
pretty things
I had a lot of friends growing up which I am grateful for
I'm gateful that my family is alive and healthy (physically at least) even though I do not like them and they are not nice people.
I have significant time ahead of me I suppose and various positive things could occur therein.

Too School for Cool
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-supportive family
-awesome dog
-being Canadian
-my health
-my recent job opportunities

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I am grateful.

-My family
-My overall ability to get past things and move on
-My drive and focus to be myself (regardless of what others think)
-My goals (although sometimes I am distracted from them by the internet)
-Lack of regret, there is nothing to date that I really 'truly' regret
-My outlook i.e we live in the same place as everybody else and are in the same overall situation, so why should we ever be made to feel bad?

Of course I am also grateful for all of life's other little beauties. Sometimes it feels unnassailably lonely, and some obstacles appear insurmountable, but you can always find a way to help yourself along your way. There are no right or wrong answers.

I am grateful for my life. No regrets.

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Jesus Christ
My son (who will be 11 in 5 days)
My son is responsible, healthy, helpful, loving and kind.
My health is good (I need to work out more but it is good)
Owning my own home (even if I rent the lot)
Not having a car payment
Having a dependable car (even if it is 14 years old)
My family (even though they drive me crazy - they love me and I love them)
The few real friends I do have (very very few)
The fact that I am still functional
I live in the USA (and as messed up as it is - I still choose this over anywhere else)
I live in Florida (sometimes too hot, rarely too cold - but mostly tolerable)
That I have opportunities for a job (even if I can't take advantage of them right now)
I have food - and the ability to feed my family, friends and others.
I have clothes - and the ability to give clothes away.
I have loved, lost, and loved again, and lost again... and continue to seek love and be open to it.
I have been able to have an education and return back to school to change fields
ok... that's enough for now --- that was really helpful ---- thanks.

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I am grateful for:

My awesome husband/best friend!
All the people that have touched my life. Good and bad, I've learned from everyone.
My cat who thinks she's a dog.
The opportunities I've been given by my parents immigrating to the US.
Second chances.
Sincere smiles from strangers.
Finding this site!

Awesome thread Fuzzy Logic! :clap

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1. The roof over my head
2. My job - as crappy as it is.
3. The food in my belly
4. Family that supports me because I am blood.
5. My sense of humor
6. The internet.
7. My pet bird, even though he craps all over the place.

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1. My family who I know loves me despite the obstacles^_^
2. the bestest bf in the world.^_^
3. My two best friends.
4. My doggies.
5. A place to live, food
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