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-> Music - Everywhere! I wear headphones in grocery stores and listen to music and totally space out. In the car... at home when friends come over... pretty much 24/7. So that's a big one. :)

-> Being Happy - Even faking a smile when I'm really down makes me laugh cause it's funny which leads to a real smile haha.

-> Sugar - I don't suggest it. But if I'm really hyped up on sugar I'm way less nervous.

-> Clothes - Wearing clothes that I love and having my hair work right. Major confidence boost when I know I look nice. That way when people stare at me I'm less nervous because I'm thinking about how they're probably looking at my awesome jacket and belt lol.

-> Not Dwelling - This is a difficult one for me, but I have a bad memory already so it works pretty ok. Just not thinking about what I said to someone over and over and not dwelling on what I could have said. Really gets rid of depression and lets me sleep better lol. Sometimes I drown my thoughts out with music and TV.

Anyway those are some things that have helped me a lot, I thought I would share them with you and maybe see what helps you guys? :)
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