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I have had some minor progress this week... Just things like being able to pay attention to what I am thinking on occasions, and challenge my thinking etc.

For example, I was driving home the other night from work and I had a friend coming for dinner. There had been last minute plan changes (which I hate). I was thinking 'what if's' and 'should haves' etc, but then I said 'it doesn't matter, this is what I have chosen to do so there is no point in thinking about all the other options. Things will happen. All I have to think about right now is driving home'. I know that sounds really little but it was an achievement for me to be able to (a) recognise that I was getting anxious and (b) try to challenge my thinking.

Oooh, another? Don't laugh! I practiced saying 3 words that I am scared to say out loud when I was alone in the car. I said them lots of times until they didn't feel so scary :)

I have had some backward steps too, but even with those I think I was able to look at the situations afterwards and realise that it wasn't worth worrying about.

So yay! =D
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