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These Days.

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I looked at my face and then I knew I had changed.
My heart hardened against the cruel world once more today.
And these open wounds will heal with time, or so they say.
Nothing to lose, when no one even know's your name.
And these days don't ever seem to change.
Sit lifeless by the telephone, don't know why.
No one ever calls, it' always the same.
Never know a lover's embrace.
The thrill of the rush.
Always been on my own.
And these days don't seem to ever change.
Check the mirror to see If am still here.
I keep wasting away, inside these four walls.
I can't fight the pain,
when there nothing for me to gain.
My souls tired of this endless spin.
Of this hellish prison I keep finding myself in.
And these days don't seem to ever change.
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This a great poem and really describes how I feel on my down days
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