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I just thought I'd share my experiences to all the lonely people out there and hopefully it will give you all HOPE...

I never had friends at school, that included gilrfriends. i never knew how to ask them out and even if I did, what would be the point, they would only reject me.
After school I went to collage, and to begin with it was pretty much the same, no friends, no girlfriend etc.
However, although I didn't have friends, I thought I did (long story not really relevant here), so I just happened to be talking to another guy in the group (there were only four of us) and said i fancied "that" one down there, which was actually his girl friends best mate. This other guy got us to meet and that was it. We weren't right for each other, I knew that very early on but I believed no one else would want me and I'd be better off with the wrong one than no one wouldn't I.
We went out for four years then when we were 21 we got married and for another 9 years we tried to make it work but it didn't. I would never admit it but she realised and left me.
That was it, i would have to kill myself, i wasn't going to live on my own my entire life. But that was such a big step to take I had to try and find someone else first hadn't I?
I gave it a try and put an ad in the local papers lonely hearts column. Not one reply but I wasn't prepared to give up I'd seen a dating agency advertised the wek before so i tried that. I met one person in six months, who wasn't interested. By this time I had the internet so decided to try a few online ones and met a couple of woman, but I wasn't "their type".
8 years later, several dozen dating agencies later and a lot of money later, I was ready to give up but before I did, I gave the local fre paper one last try. I met a couple who both said they'd be in touch, but never did, then nothing. My advert was now no longer in the local paper and that was it, what else could I do. I'd had enough by now, had enough of not being "their type", had enough of them saying " I'll be in touch", had enough of them saying "I like you but not in that way", I just couldn't take any more. But I didn't have to. My advert was now in a different paper in a different area and I had one contact from that paper...five years later and we are still together nad have been married now for 3 and half years.

For all those who think there isn't anyone out there



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heres a pretty incredible experience - - for years I have only been able to date because of drinking and be around the opposite sex while drinking - - therefore I only dated losers who were drinking all the time - - miraculously - -me and my coworker hit it off -and he was the most wonderful guy I have ever met - - but there was my anxiety which i thought would never go away - - and the more i forced my self to be with him and the more time i spent with him the more comfortable I became and eventually I was anxiety free around him - -I even told him about my social phobia ;] - -he loved me very much so much that he wanted me to meet his friends and stuff!!! (uh oh) and I couldn't really do so without drinking n stuff so that would cause issues ;( - - and because of my lack of social skills I was kind of jealous of him talking to girls because I thought some girl who was social unlike me would take him away :( but I was sooooooo wrong....and the false accusations drove him away - -now hes gone and i'm crushed. but it was truly an amazing experience!! there is hope for love!! just push your self to the limit!! - - it is true that you can be comfortable while drinking and you would think the opposite sex will like you better because of confidence but really....who wants a drunk??? - - good luck on finding that special someone ;]
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