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I wanted to let people know that we are offering for free psychosocial interventions for social anxiety as part of ongoing clinical research studies.

Below is a brief description. Please let other people know. We offer the interventions all over the Bay Area, not just at Stanford University. Thus far, people have shown real improvements.

Social Anxiety Treatment Study at Stanford University

We are running two randomized clinical treatment studies at Stanford University that involve providing at no charge interventions for adults with social anxiety disorder. One study offers state-of-the-art individual cognitive behavioral therapy. The other study offers either mindfulness meditation or wellness/aerobic exercise program based stress reduction. The treatment study's goal is to better understand the mechanisms of therapeutic change and its long-term impact in individuals who suffer from social anxiety.

We are seeking people with English fluency who are right handed, age 21-55 individuals who primarily have problems with social anxiety disorder. Because we are assessing brain function with functional magnetic resonance imaging, we can only work with participants who are not taking psychotropic medications.

If you would like more information or you have a referral, please view our website ( and call (650-723-5977) or email us ([email protected])
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