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Planewalker stands before a cave entrance. The hole, which looks as if it had been artificially bored into the mountain, is agape. There is a foul smell emanating from it, which makes everybody wince. Nothing good may dwell within this lair, but entering it would certainly be better than staying outside and welcoming the gathering storm which may break out every minute. Besides, the party is have come here with a purpose they cannot abandon now. Planewalker shrugs and turns to observe his fellow party members who have accompanied him to his place

"So, here we are. I trust each of you has received a letter describing our little quest. But I think it won't be redundant of me to go over the basic goals once again. As you might know, we're here to slay the generic Evil Dragon(tm) and recover a powerful artifact. This should not pose a problem to seasoned adventurers like you, but it will certainly not be easy, either. This cave is artificial, meaning there are at least two levels in it, the dragon probably being in the lowest. Ancient creatures take pride in possessing slaves, so be prepared to encounter a few garrisons of orcs on our way down. Also, there may be traps positioned at critical bottleneck locations of the cave. Please be wary of them and step lightly. Now, we haven't had the time to introduce ourselves, so we'll do it now. My name is Planewalker, and I am but a humble sorcerer. Most of my skills lie within the domain of magic, and I can cast a broad variety of spells. However, my physical skills may not be up to par, so I will assist more formidable warriors from the background using my magic. I will be leading our merry endeavour, as I possess a modicum of knowledge about dungeons and dragons.

Anybody else care to introduce themselves?"

Planewalker looks at the small party expectantly, seeing that there are adventurers eager to present themselves and boast their achievements. He hopes that they will be friendly, so that they don't endanger the quest.

[Ok, so much from me, now it's your turn. I'll make this turn last for a day or two. Anyone who is interested, now is the right time to jump in. After I make my second post, we won't accept new members, and anyone new will be kindly asked to wait for the next quest. And remember, keep it RPG, thank you! Oh, btw., you might want to turn off your signatures for this thread. It tends to distract one's attention from the actual RPG.]
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