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baby you're a lost cause
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What's the problem?

Why are you not working on all those big and little problems?

Can't it be an adventure?

Or as they say, there are no problems, only challenges?

So why do you choose to do notghin? Why are you wasting away day after day, year after year?

It's because you cannot maintain that distance to it.You cannot keep those emotions in check.


It can be fun to fantasize about your "life journey", where you boldly tackle lifes obstacles,
where you get righ back on your feet every time you're beaten down.

But REALITY.Reality consists of moments of ugliness and darkness and contempt and hate and fear, where you meet people so goddam****ingawfulldisgusting that you wanna smash a bottle and screw it into their throat.

Nothing romantic about that.

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I recently asked my philosophy teacher all these questions, and this is what he told me:

"Why does a man climb mountains (or a woman, for that matter)? It's for those ephemeral feelings of conquest and triumph."

If you can get past all those goddam****ingawfulldisgusting people, ugly darkness, and fear, you'll experience this euphoric feeling that even the highest mountain can't give you. If you really put your mind into it, you will get great results. And even if you don't succeed, experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted; as my grandpa used to say.

Don't end up sweating like a ***** in church, tighter than two coats of paint, and useless as a screen door on a submarine. And remember, there is harmony in disharmony.
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