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social phobics delete, distort and generalized the millions of bits of info , coming in through the 5 senses, from social events differently than nomal people.

social phobics do this becasue they have diferent beleifs and memories tan normal people. a social phobic may have lots of memoires of bein rejected or teased. and they may have many, many , mnay beleifs like '' nobody likes me'' '' im boring'' etc....

the result of the deleting , distorting and generalising leaves the concious mind with 7 bits of inf. for a social phobic this is usually negative thoughts like '' i dont belong here'', images of worst case scenario 'e.g making a fool out of yourself, your attention being on people's negative facial expressions of judging you etc.... (they might not even be judging you but you will still see it cos you distort reality)

what ever info is in the concious mind will create a certain state in a person. the info that is in a social phobics concious mind is the always the type of stuff thats puts the person into an anxious state

the anxious state creates a physiology which then creates the social phobic behaviour (when you feel anxious you behaveaccording to how you feel e.g you are not gonna be cracing jokes and hving fun when you feel anxious )
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