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Hello Well I am in here trying to seek some opinions from people familiar w/ severe issues dealing w/ anxiety I am a 26 year old male, recovering alcoholic, I used to medicate my problems (W/ Booze) So I never got even a understanding of what I was going through, I just drank & I mean a skid row drunk I never had fun I drank into oblivion It ended me up homeless, hospitals, And I finally got a grasp and now I am sober and dealing with these problems. I am now in the process of (Finally got a Doc appointment) I am on my own unemployed and no knowledge of this problem, and in the process to maybe rule out serious medical problems that this might be, Then my plan is to try out some medication, I work out now (not too heavy of lifting but good exercise) I have been trying to take vitamin b12-b6 and fish oil and st. john wort, on regular basis I have an appointment April 1st and will get this process started with some prescriptions maybe the (Regular Doc not psych doc) I am just having issues looking for work? ANY one else in this boat? It is treacherous for me just to step foot out in the "Scary World" and now I HAVE to do some SERIOUS job hunting (its hard for me to go to stores) this fear immobilizes me, and I have to "rough it" and look for work.. Since I have been a drunk since 17 yrs old I really never got any GOOD work experience. I feel hopeless I dont know what my question really is? Im sorry to whine, but any input would be greatly appreciated
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