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I don't know I just wrote this out of boredom, I'm feeling depressed and suicidal so thought i'd share my feelings atm. I know there may be some grammar errors but hey I'm bilingual.

Do you know that feeling? Of helplessness. You want to help yourself but you feel so unrealistically powerless. It's like you're still on the maze and the rest of the world has found their way out of it.
You don't know how you're gonna hold on and how you've kept hanging. But overlook the reasons why you're still moving further. Your body is tired, your mind weak and your heart shattered into countless pieces of nothingness. But you keep smiling, you keep breathing, you keep "living". You're still here and you haven't been rescued, but you can't help yourself even after all the meaningless effort. Because the real loneliness is the fact that I can't feel good in my own skin. The silence that I cover up with a grin, daily, yearly. With unspoken words ingraved in me, a language that only I can decipher.
If you feel in anyway like me, tell me this is not a path I am walking in vain. Tell me my wings are not yet broken and that they'll let me partake on the beautiful skies again, so then every obstacle will feel like trespassing clouds.
That i'm not meant to be trapped forever in my own little messed up world. Tell me i'll find the key to get in and out of this current hole. Tell me the key exists and that if I seek and find I'll be free from torments and insecurities to possibly just somehow, someday simply be Me.
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