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The Holy Bible

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The good news for me is that I've been studying the Bible more. I've been reading sources outside of the Bible which interpret different verses or themes, and I find it to be both interesting and a bit confusing. As a Christian, I seek meaning from the Bible, although I still struggle some in understanding parts of it and reconciling it with the world as I know it and others' opinions.

I'm not posing a question to be debated, rather I'm interested in knowing how others here view the Bible. In other words, do you take it wholly symbolically, entirely literally, or something in between. Or do you see it as I currently do: as the somewhat confusing True Word of God?
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I would say I interpret the Bible in a literal way, and to me that means as it was written. I treat historical accounts as history, poetry as poetry, parables as parables, etc. I also think that Scripture needs to be interpreted by Scripture. Certain passages don't make any sense unless they are understood not only within their current context, but also the context of the entire Bible. Whatever isn't clear needs to be interpreted by what is clear.
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