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Interestingly they have found a single gene that predisposes people to anxiety and depression!

Apparantely if you has a "s" allele in the 5HTTLPR polymorphism region (It encodes for SERT, or the "serotonin transporter") you are much more likely to become depressed or anxious.

You can look up the research yourself---its vaaastly documented online.

Effects of the s/s or s/l polymorphism region include:
  • Decreased # of serotonin transporter sites
  • Resulting shrinkage of the amygdala
  • Resulting increase in Fear Conditioning
  • Decrease in ability to process negatrive emotions
  • Greater trait anxiety
  • Reduced tolerance to stress, allowing the development of long term depression and anxiety
  • Reduced autonomic control ove the body
  • Reduced ability for economic decision making
  • Decreased ability to think logically
  • Decreased responsiveness to antidepressants
This really is the future guys. Look into it for some exciting reads :D

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