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Back to my country, empty hands, months after this I was still trying to get this girl back, what I had done just wasnt enough. Almost a year had passed and I still was down and depressed over this girl, this wasnt gogin anywhere, even if I got the girl, then what? Id still have absolutely nothing.

Why would this girl even want such a loser with her, I had no friends, no life, nothign interestign about me, I felt I didnt deserve her.

Somehtign had to change.

Beign the evil genious mastermind Ive been since ever, I just never gave up, there was always an answer to my problems, I never really see anything as a lost cause.

This was it.

I had to come up with the perfect plan, I can no longer feel like such a piece of crap. So this was it, Im moving to canada as soon as possible, to do this I must change universities. If I was changing universities I wasnt going to let it be the same way, I had to come to this new place and be who I was meant to be, my alter ego had to come to life in real life.

How could I achieve this, I knew I had to face my fears, up front grab the bull by the horns and fight it. I had to fix my lack of social skills and akwardness, the plan is I start a new uni where I start being social and talkign to everyone, I was also going to join a french school to learn french. I had to put myself around as many social groups as I can.

January 2008, I still had this girl in my mind, this was all a plan to get her. She was my motive to get over my SA, I had to become a cool person, theres no other answer. Strength finds strenght, weakness finds weakness, theres only one thing you can do to sort this out, become strong.

Total self trust and never looking back, this is when the mottos in my sig all started, this was the kind of attitude that would help me go through.

I started my new university, my one friend from highschool also came to this uni because there was an internal strike at the other uni, again it was this guy and me. First week Im just abit cautious and hesitant, observing, seeing what Im goign to be facing.

Then week 2 came and I still wasnt doign anything, its ok, Ill just take it slow. Casually my cousin was in town, he invited me to a meeting, me, wanting to get as much social exposure as I could I went with him, it was this guy’s place, I knew him back from a missions trip.

I was scared being at this meetign with a bunch of strangers. Meetign was about starting this kids’ club, a sorta church related thing but with pretty cool peopel in it, not the usual church geek, I looked at the other guys in it and they all looked like pretty hardcore party guys.

One of the guys starts talkign to me, I feel really akward but I go with it, this guy had an amazing skill, he made everyone comfortble around him, I really admire it (hes my friend now). He invited me to their weekly meetings, again beign on the social exposure mindset I accepted and took it to heart that I was going to assist.

Later that night I talk to my canadian true love and she happens to mention her new boyfriend, Im really really upset about this, it was over. I had to make myself better to get her back.

Week 3 at uni and Im going to class normally with my friend, were all waiting for the class to start and this girl shows up, my friend inmediatly jumps onto it with this other guy, completly ignoring me..

I look at this and Im outraged, I cant keep beign a reactive person that depends on what others do, Im the one who needs to be takign the lead and makign things happen, I really couldnt take this crap anymore, my girl was with some guy, my friends ignored me, I had changed everythign in my life and I still had nothing! So what do I do, the momentum adn motivation are there, I see this cute girl next to me and open up a conversation with her.

My friend looks back and sees me talkign to a cute girl, hes pretty amazed. Im chatting her up, from this moment up Im motivated, I must meet at least 1 new girl in every class I take, I must make friends with the guys in this new group I joined.

Work. Thats the motto right there, the only thing that had to e done, I had all the information, I had the enviroment that I had looked for by myself, the only thing left for me to do is the hardest part, just work.

Hittign rock bottom had one good new for you, the only place to go is up, what had to come was a complete transformation and fears that had to be faced..

To be continued.

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Thanks for the stories. I have really enjoyed reading them and admire your optomistic outlook on life. Things always work out right if you have a positive attitude.

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Funny how there are some parallels between this story and some stuff that happened in my life. There was a girl that I could talk to for hours online (she's also from Canada) and that I WISHED I could know in real life. But I always wondered if I could talk to her the same way offline as I could online. After a while she kinda stopped getting online though so I lost touch with her. So that is that. I would never dream of packing up and MOVING to Canada to get some girl I talked to over the internet though lol. You've got some balls dude. Well, this story is pretty intense. Didn't think I'd be hearing some of the stuff you've been talking about in the last two parts. Awaiting the next part.

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"I cant keep being a reactive person that depends on what others do"

"The only thing left for me to do is the hardest part, just work"
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